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“I wish that life should not be cheap, 

but sacred,

I wish the days to be as centuries,

loaded, fragrant.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Monica Miller Perfume Pharmer - Review.pdf


11. Ambridge Rose

2015 Summer Challenge - Ambridge Rose.pdf


10. Lusty Floral ~ Musky Finish

Beginning June 1, 2014; ending Aug 31, 2014; 

This is the best place to read about it as I couldn't 

upload any photos to my blog this time.

and the winner is 2014 Lusty Floral Musky Finish Perfume Challenge.pdf

Winner is Shauna Rudd


9. Winter Freshness

Beginning Oct 10, 2013; ending Jan 31, 2014; This is the best place to read about it as I couldn't 

upload any photos to my blog this time.

2014 Winter Freshness Perfume Challenge.pdf

Winner is Paul Kiler

Paul Kiler seal.jpg (12497 bytes)


8. Solid Scents

Beginning June 1st; ending July 31, 2013; Please visit my Blog for details.



7. TropiCal 

Beginning Dec 1, 2012 ending Feb 28, 2013

Winner Ellen Covey

TropiCal Perfume Challenge Results.pdf Winter 12/13 


6. Soft Powder

Beginning Aug 1; ending Sep 30, 2012

Winner Janet Teas

Soft Powder Perfume Challengers.pdf Fall 2012 


5. Eau de Cologne

Beginning Feb 1; ending March 31, 2012

Winner Maggie Mahboubian

Winter 2011 Eau de Cologne Perfume Challenge Results.pdf 


4. Autumn Chypre 2011

Beginning Oct 1; ending on Nov 30

Winner Sophia Shuttleworth

Sophia Shuttleworth.png (16428 bytes) http://coeurdespritnaturalperfume.blogspot.com/2011/12/autumn-chypre-challenge-winner.html 


3. Summer Soliflore 2011

Beginning on July 1; ending August 31, 2011

Winner Anita Kalnay

Anita Kalnay Winner.jpg (13309 bytes) Documents/Summer Soliflore Challenge 2011.pdf


2. Spring Fougère 2011

Beginning Apr 1; ending on May 31, 2011

Winner Bruce Bolmes 

Seal for Winner.jpg (15353 bytes) Fougere Perfume Challenge for the Spring of 2011.pdf


1. Winter Oriental 2011

Beginning Jan 1; ending on Feb 28, 2011

Winner Janice Van Dijk

Seal for Winner.jpg (15165 bytes) Oriental Perfume Challenge Autumn 2010.pdf

Alive Magazine Perfume Interview.jpg (4).JPG (58569 bytes)The Prize

A beautiful 5 ml atomizer of Coeur d'Esprit Natural Perfume surrounded by an elegant gold sleeve; perfect to carry with you in your purse.

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Challenges I've been involved with: 

Summer of Patchouli Love 

Interview with Lyn Ayre.pdf

Summer of Love - for the record.pdf

The Summer of Patchouli Love – finale.pdf

Summer of Patchouli Love perfume challenge. Please watch this site over the next few months as it unfolds. 


Interview with Lyn Ayre.pdf

Summer of Love - for the record.pdf


                                Pattie Austin.JPG (136924 bytes) 

Grammy-Award Winning Vocalist Patti Austin picked my

'Patchouli Paisley Perfume' as her #1 choice in the

Summer of Patchouli Love Challenge. Read all about it here:

The Summer of Patchouli Love – finale.pdf   Challenge ended Aug 31, 2011



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