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Coeur d'Esprit Natural Perfumes

Meet the Teacher


About Lyn


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Lyn E Ayre perfume.jpg (158973 bytes) Lyn Elizabeth Ayre, NP

Early in life, I learned that scent had the power to heal, soothe, capture the imagination, and make my Spirit soar. I've been hooked ever since.

I was introduced to Natural Perfumery through a course I took on Aromatherapy in 2003. One of my teachers told me that my remedies smelled more like perfumes. It literally became an obsession. I could not sit still anymore to watch a movie on TV. I had to get up and get playing with my oils. I began to amass a wonderful collection of essential ingredients and tincturing various botanicals. I published a new page to my website and began to receive orders. I put together a little half-day course on making perfumes.

I sometimes felt like a channel for some disembodied mad scientist cum perfumer who must and must and must make another perfume. So, I have literally made dozens of perfumes. I sometimes go back to them and toy around a bit but mostly, when it's done, it's done. I write, paint, and create music the same way – it just comes through me. The process of creating a natural perfume is birthed through me not by me.

Whatever my pursuit, I do it from a spiritual perspective and perfumery is no exception. I am not interested in becoming a huge commercial perfumer with a factory and chemist in my employ rather, I appreciate small limited contracts. I'm not trying to prove that naturals can be as good as synthetic perfumes. They are different, that's all. Some people can appreciate the naturals and some enjoy the synthetics, which also use natural ingredients; some love both and that's fine with me.

My family and friends were delighted with my perfumes as several of them were no longer able to tolerate commercial scents and were saddened to have to give it up their favourite fumes. Knowing there was a more natural way to go gave them a great feeling. Those same people keep coming back for more.

I didn't start out in life dreaming of becoming a perfumer. I was just a regular girl with a regular life that had some awful spots and some awesome parts, just like most other people. As a teen, there were two career paths that made my juices flow – to become a medical doctor or a country/rock singer. I met my first husband in Sep 1969, two months after graduation, when he was playing at a legion close by. The rest, as they say, is history. We married on November 22, 1969 and were in Fairbanks, Alaska, on tour, the very next day. I chose music over medicine, though the latter has been a life-long passion, too.

I was led to my current path by that simple original comment my teacher made and, once finding it, there was no turning back no matter what. Learning to appreciate essential oils through the art of Aromatherapy, then realizing that I could make perfumes that would also work on a healing level fit right in with who I am in this world. Throughout my life, all the delicious smells in my world conspired to take me to the depths of their soul and expose me to the rich olfactory tapestry that life offers. I cannot imagine a life without scent.

I adored the natural world and yearned to know more about plants and flowers.  When troubled, I often picked up a leaf, flower, pine cone, or sticky bud, and become a part of it. My mood would instantly change.

Scents were a huge part of my early life but not in the sense of perfume, as that came later. I have five siblings, so the smell of a baby's head is one of my first olfactory memories. The smell of the other end is still in my memory, too, but I think Eau de Poo would not be well-received somehow… lol …

We spent our summers at the ocean beaches in South Surrey, BC, Canada and the scent of salty seas filled me with energy and galvanized me into action. I loved snow and could always detect when it was on the way. The forest, especially after a rain, opened deep inner desires within me. All of these, I wrote about and photographed. That I can now create scents that are similar to these memories fills me with a feeling of deep humility and gratitude.

We all create the `Perfume of Life' as we go through our daily rounds: our parents cooking a savoury meal and the smell of it rising up to our rooms as we do our homework; incense taking our prayers up to Spirit; the corner bakery venting their enticing aromas into the neighbourhood; the hot sweaty aromas of human, deodorant, aftershave, and clean sheets – the bliss of the night; everything filling the air with their perfumes. Elusive, ethereal, effervescent… never to be captured; only to be enjoyed in the moment.

Aromas of my younger years included coffee in the morning, the bright smell of orange juice, the bite of cinnamon toast, the smoothness of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows, the zest of grapefruit, the saltiness of a big bowl of popcorn, (Okay, anybody else getting hungry?) Others include Lavender and Lilac sachets in my underwear drawer, the roses, lilies, and lavender blooming outside my bedroom window, creamy pearlescent bath beads, the whole array of Vanda and Avon beauty products, which I sold as a teenager. It amazed me that these little vials contained a liquid that smelled so good. I was 16 and so naive about all of it but I learned over the following couple of years. When I was 18, I married and went on tour with our band to Alaska. I don't recall a lot of scents up there as I was usually breathing into my scarf to keep from freezing up. lol

Writing this makes me want to go and blend some smelly bits… ambergris, seaweed, coffee and chocolate absolutes, lavender, rose, orris, cinnamon, grapefruit, bergamot... yummm! I have always been on the `scent trail' (anyone else love that fantastic book?). I am the first one to smell smoke and I can also tell who has been in the room just by the scent they leave.

With five girls in my family, perfume was a big deal and we all like different scents. I remember my Grandma wore Evening In Paris and Crepe de Chine; and my Mom wore Roses Roses and Topaz; one of my sisters wore Heaven Scent,. I wore Charlie, Tabu, Evening In Paris, and Navy, and when I grew up – Oscar, Opium, and Obsession. Now, instead of Obsession being my perfume, perfume is my obsession.

There really was no one defining moment and no one person who inspired me to pursue perfumery. The scents that abound around me inspired me to explore their depths and make my best attempt to create something new from them. I am growing into this role as natural perfumer and I love it.

I enjoyed being an Independent Natural Perfume Designer, and a member of the Independent Perfumers Guild. My process is simple: Inspired by an idea, I go to the computer and see if the formula complies with the safety guidelines. I consider the essences and how they go together and react with one another. I get the oils out, and begin blending, sniffing, adjusting, and testing. When I’m happy, I stop and label, then set it aside to mature. This process can take many months to accomplish.


I am daily filled with the sense of appreciation and awe at the gifts of Gaia, our Mother Earth. Creating perfumes takes me to places of absolute peace, joy, and light, and I am humbled in the presence of these wonderful substances; it is the epitome of excitement, and, for me, the feeling of accomplishment is second to none.  


The Four Elements in a perfume

Alchemy water symbol.svgWater - cohesion - or balance in a perfume

Alchemy earth symbol.svgEarth - solidity - or character in a perfume

Alchemy air symbol.svgAir - expansion - or diffusion in a perfume

Alchemy fire symbol.svgFire - heat - or tenacity in a perfume 

An alchemist at heart, combining lyric with melody, water with oil, essences with alcohol, ginger with carrots, phthlalo blue with titanium white, clay with water, is all the same to me. It’s creation; it’s love; it’s life. My question is always, “I wonder what would happen if I…”


Although I'm not actively creating and selling perfumes due to arthritis and so on, I do teach three courses on the subject of natural perfumery (and energy healing) and have students worldwide. 


I host a global natural perfume challenge two or three times each year, as well. 


 Atelier Sep 08.jpg (1).JPG (52582 bytes) Atelier Sep 08.jpg (2).JPG (49106 bytes) Atelier Sep 08.jpg (3).jpg (194916 bytes) Atelier Sep 08.jpg.JPG (60717 bytes) Lyn Atelier Feb 2011 (3).JPG (163440 bytes)

My Atelier and perfume organ    

In my work area, I am surrounded by the soft music of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, Fractal Energy Art, and deep peace. This produces an environment of free-flowing creativity in which I can manifest, from Spirit into physical, all of the ideas and inspirations that come to me.            

I work with over 300 essential oils, concretes, absolutes, attars, tinctures, and ethically harvested and cruelty-free animal essences. I've also created dozens of tinctures and 'scent similar' accords. From all of these, I select, formulate, and create natural perfume for the enjoyment of all. Only the freshest and finest essences find their way into my creations. 

Sterilizing Bottles Sterilizing bottles (3).JPG (64781 bytes) 

I work in a clean and healthy environment producing a product that is good for you.

Testers Perfume Samples.JPG (42429 bytes) 

All who come to my Atelier may test my product and determine for themselves.


Even on vacation, I couldn't leave it alone, so I created a perfume kit to travel with me...

Perfume Travel Kit.JPG (159910 bytes)


Making a simple 5 ml perfume:

Yesterday, my friend and I began with the idea that we wanted to make a lovely deep floral for the winter months ahead. Choosing the following essential oils and absolutes, we began: Peru balsam, Sandalwood vanutua, Vanilla CO2, Copaiba resin, Tuberose absolute, Golden Champa absolute, Kewda attar, Black Pepper, Tarragon, and Petitgrain sur fleur.

I begin with the heaviest of the Base notes, add the heart and head notes, then bring the marked jigger up to 5 ml with dropper's-full of perfumers' alcohol.

Perfume Making 3.jpg (195247 bytes)   Perfume Making 4.jpg (215298 bytes)     Perfume Making 2.jpg (167841 bytes)   Perfume Making 5.jpg (173153 bytes) Perfume Making 6.jpg (202557 bytes)

The end result is a gorgeous warm fall colour. It was named "Autumn Aura" and I feel that really describes not only the colour but the rich aroma of this perfume. 

It is transferred into a 5 ml glass atomizer. It will sit in the ultrasonic bath surrounded by quartz crystals for a while then tucked into a golden sleeve, now ready to label and enjoy.

Meet The Teacher

Teaching Credo

My starting place is the premise that our higher self – your higher self and my higher self – knows what is best for us and is always looking out for us by guiding, prompting, and leading the way through 

people, places, circumstances, and serendipity.

I believe that each student will find the teacher that is right for him or her during that particular space and time. For this reason, I don’t believe in competition rather, 

I believe in the faithfulness and abundance of the Universe.

I believe that each teacher brings his or her own life experiences, strengths, and gifts to the table and that, though there may be many courses on each subject known, each one will be different because of this.

I feel students should learn from a variety of teachers and that my teaching methods and class materials are not any better or worse than any others, just different.

I feel it is difficult, if not impossible, to set a specific standard that is the 'ultimate of ultimates' for any subject. The best we can do is look at the banquet of offerings, tune into the energy of each and follow our inner promptings.

I believe in empowering my students with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about which way is the best way for them to go, for their highest good.

  Teaching Philosophy

The more we are exposed to ideas and concepts, the more comfortable we become until, in the end, they seem quite obvious and even commonplace.

As a teacher, I use repetition to assist me in presenting the information in all formats: visual, audio, and kinesthetic, so no matter how you learn, you will learn.

Themes are presented and reviewed until this line of thinking become second nature to you and you feel as if you'd always known it.

Teaching Qualifications

o         Actively involved with the energy of botanicals/herbs since 1972

o         Ph. D. in Energy Healing

o         Creating and teaching holistic courses since 1972

o         Currently (2008) teaching several holistic courses

o         Consistently commended on my teaching methods by my students (both in-person and correspondence), and my peers

o         Creating botanically-based tinctures and macerations since 2002

o         Creating bath & beauty products since 2002

o         Vigorously pursuing my education through online contacts and groups, research, reading, and personal experimentation

o         My perfumes have been reviewed by professionals  

o         I have enjoyed  several interviews ie: "Passion For Perfume" with Sniffapalooza Magazine about my perfumes; and "Working The Bench" with Le Parfeumer Rebelle about my perfume course.

o         Regularly recognized for my ability to create beautiful perfumes by my clients and my peers read reviews here 

Personal Qualifications

o         Well-organized

o         Detail-oriented

o         Soft-spoken

o         Non-political and non/dramatic

o         Generous heart

o         Supportive, nurturing, and empowering

o         True caring for individuals

o         Live my life based on spiritual values, principles, and ethics 

o       Artistic & Creative Soul


Perfume Bottles from Anacortes (21).JPG (140374 bytes)  

Collections of Perfumes/Bottles from the 20th Century

Ode To Scent

Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D. © 2007

I know what it smells like when snow is on the way

When summer rains turn into fall, and groundhog goes astray

But springtime always follows in a rainbow of scent

To tell me life’s a cycle and time cannot be spent

I sense the buds, the multitudes, just under wet and white

They will push forth to live once more and make our world shine bright

Smells-hyacinth & genet, and many pretty flowers

Will offer up their essences and all their fractal powers

And blend in the creation, each and every bloom,

To synergize and energize the stuff we call perfume  

btl border.jpg (115349 bytes)


Meet My Muse and Hero, Alec Lawless,

who passed away in 2012. Never put off what you really want to do as before you know it, it could be too late. Such is my case as now I'll never get to study with this great man and Master Perfumer.



Alec – how he got involved in Natural Perfume
natural perfuming
how to use pipettes
filtering and clarifying
adulteration of essential oils



Update: In 2014, Norm was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer and is undergoing long-term chemotherapy. 

In 2012 (prostate) and back in 2008 (colon cancer), we made it through surgery and chemo with the help of many Energy Light Workers sending us peace and healing, love and light. 

Each of us have now survived this disease; Norm three times; and me once (endometrial). By going both the allopathic and the energy route, we have allayed the dense energies and come out the other end, balanced and harmonized. Cancer is not necessarily a death notice. No one makes it out of our world alive. However, our quality of life until we die can be wonderful and joyous. 

Peace be with you. As you look at this candle of hope, may the wonderful energy that is The Creator of All That Is come over you and wrap you in a warm blanket of Love and Light.

In Memory Of Anyone You Know

 Who Has Had To Deal With Cancer.

                                         Mom (Brain) 

                                              Norm (colon)(prostate)  Lyn (Uterine)

                                                and many of our family and friends.



The information, writings, artwork, photographs, recipes, sayings, and all other site content are (C) 1999-2017 Lyn E. Ayre, NP. Please respect this. Thank you.