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Coeur d'Esprit Natural Perfumes

Links & Resources

Please visit my perfume BLOG at 

Coeur d'Esprit Perfume Blog

where I share my impressions about and experiences with perfumery and scent.


Please visit my herb BLOG at 

Heart of Gaia Herb Blog

where I share my impressions about and experiences with herbs and natural remedies.



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Making Connections

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 Lucky Bamboo



Aromatherapy Links


British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists

West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy 




Blogs about Perfume:


Bloggers For Natural and Indie Perfumers


Canadian Artisan Perfumers Group  




Independent Perfumers Guild


New Directions Blog






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Perfume Ingredients, accessories, and containers:

Perfumery Supply Companies in Canada and the US:

Canadian Perfumers: Canadian Suppliers 2013 (2).doc


Accessories for Fragrances

http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/accessoriesforfragrances/Categories?category=ATOMIZERS-PURSE perfume bottles


Carrying case.jpg (53483 bytes)Abundant Health


Sells carrying cases for essential oils and absolutes; sells carrying cases for samples.



http://www.am-arome.com/en/index.html Essential oils; Absolutes; fixed oils, butters, hydrosols; Canadian

Botanic Planet


organic essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols, packaging, Canadian


Cranberry Lane


beeswax, cosmetic ingredients, essential oils, containers; Vancouver-based


Creating Perfumes


essential oils and isolates diluted 3-10%

alcohol diluent 200 proof SDA 40-B; US only.


Creative Packaging


boxes, bags, packaging; Vancouver-based

Eden Botanicals


Quality goods & customer service. Wonderful essential oils, absolutes,
and CO2 extracts; $100.00 minimum; ships to Canada

Elements Bath and Beauty
supplier of bottles, pipettes, waterproof labels, bags, beeswax, containers
ships to Canada  


Essentially Me

Essentially Me Canada

Wide range of 20% strength absolutes and a few perfumery tools. Ships from 

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Floracopeia Attars 

A wonderful resource for true and pure attars as well as aromatherapy and 

natural perfumery essential oils.


Green Valley Aromatherapy


essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols; Canadian


Ki Aroma


essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols; Canadian


Majestic Mountain Sage


scent strips, pipettes, sample vials, bags, small measuring scoops for the chunky bits, perfume 

atomizers, waterproof labels, fractionated coconut oil, natural dyes and pigments, cosmetic

spatulas for the creams, and many other various and sundry items.

McGuire Naturals


Canadian; small selection of essential oils including Key Lime, Patchouli,

and Ylang Ylang.


Mountain Rose Herbs
Quality goods & customer service. Certified Organic oils and absolutes.
ships to Canada  



Natura Trading 


wide range of essential oils and Aromatherapy products. 

Located in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Nature’s Gift


Quality goods & customer service. Wonderful essential oils, absolutes,
and CO2 extracts and specialty items like Blue, Pink, and White Lotus

ships to Canada


New Directions

Canada based


New Directions  
USA based

Quality goods & customer service. Wonderful essential oils, absolutes,
and CO2 extracts; botanicals; containers; ships to Canada http://www.newdirectionsaromatics.ca/ 


New Directions  


Australia based


OnLine Labels (I use the clear return address ones - 80 per sheet)



Perfumer's Apprentice


Essential oils and absolutes


Perfume Travelling Kit.jpg (16405 bytes) Samara Botane

Quality goods & customer service. Wonderful essential oils, absolutes (such as seaweed), and CO2 extracts; case to contain essential oils; Scent Strip holder; ships to Canada  


Sapphire Blue


Canadian; good selection of essential oils, absolutes, sample vials, alcohol


SKS Bottle and Packaging 


A source for bottles, jars, tins, bags, and tubes.


Specialty Bottle


Supplier of all kinds of bottles


Sunburst Bottle


Quality goods & customer service. Lovely perfume bottles and

.9 ml sample bottles ships to Canada

SunRose Aromatics
Quality goods & customer service. Wonderful essential oils, absolutes,
and CO2 extracts; ships to Canada


TAP Aromatherapy Store


Quality goods & customer service. BC source for quality perfume and cosmetic ingredients  


www.unionnature.com A natural source of perfume ingredients for Canadians 


The Aromatherapy Place


an awesome array of essential oils and absolutes including the sublime Boronia.



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