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What clients and others are saying about me, my perfumes, and my courses...


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Kind Words

Peer Reviews

Perfume Course Comments

Professional Interviews 

Professional Reviews



ECO Parent Magazine article.pdf


Perfume Course Comments

Natural Perfumery Course Fractal.jpg (570267 bytes)"Today, as I was sampling Lyn's perfumes (many of which made me feel as if I was entering a whole other World of Perfume), I caught sight of the energy fractal she created for her Perfumery Course. Each time I sniffed a perfume, I would delve into another layer in this world of tones and scents. Each colour in the fractal picture reflected this experience back to me as I enjoyed the aroma, colour, and form. Wonderful." M. R. Pitt River, BC


Energy Fractal

When you signed up for the course, I tune into your energy, go deep into meditation, and create a fractal using mathematical algorithms. I then gaze at the fractal and a name for it comes to me. I don't judge it or do any further work on it. My job is to create it. The recipient's job is to feel what it does for their energy. Doing a fractal for you is my pleasure. I hope you enjoy it and receive bounteous energy and inspiration from it as that is its purpose. Warmly, Lyn  


Comments on the course:


"My passion for perfume was again ignited when I signed up for Lyn’s Natural Perfumery Course. It truly is a path to the heart of my spirit. I enjoyed the course immensely. Lyn is a dedicated, wonderful teacher with lots of information to share. I enjoyed the alchemy of creating scents for the soul. It was one of the greatest gifts for me and for my personal and spiritual development. Thank you Lyn!" 


"Lyn is one of the most generous teachers I've ever had. Her patience with me while I asked all kinds of questions, most of the answers were in the manual, really kept me going. She would answer and/or refer me to the page number to look at in the manual. I am not the same person after completing this course. I have a deep affinity for our planet and all that she offers. I look at scent in a different way and can really smell what's out there. My garden has doubled in size and I'm really looking forward to it blooming this summer. Lyn has blessed me with a deeper look at my spiritual side. I'll be forever thankful to her for her kind heart and generous soul. Thanks, Lyn" Love MM, Southern USA


"I'm working towards my degree and use the course as a reward for when I've done my other homework. Lyn is a great teacher who knows her stuff; a true gem of a person." 


"I'm working on creating abundance in my life so I can come and meet Lyn in person. Her course is amazing and I'm learning so much."


"I enjoy to Lyn courses so much. My English not good. but course is good. Thank You."


"I love this course! This is the best thing I have done for myself. It's as if my soul is saying to me...'you finally listened to what I want you to do'."


"I am grateful to find your course. For many years when I smell a scent of a flower I feel so curious how could I recreate that same natural scent and share the beauty of it with others. That is why a wish to take this course and find out am I creative enough  to make fragrances. Again I deeply thankful to find this course teaching about NATURAL perfumery but mostly to connect with you,-someone who is not afraid to share this secret knowledge with others."


"I'm loving this course. It is opening up spaces within me that I did not know where there. I'm happy to recommend this course to anyone interested in having a better understanding of natural scents. With love and gratitude for your wonderful gift to the world."


"I am an intuitive learner so I knew right away it was the course I wanted to take. I felt very good about your approach to the essences. For my Birthday, I decided to give myself the perfect gift for me - your course. I've been happily enjoying it ever since - the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Lyn"



Professional Interviews:

If you are asked for a 'password', just press cancel


Ambrosia Jones Interview for the Summer of Patchouli Love July 2011

Ambrosia Jones Interview with Lyn Ayre.pdf


Alive Magazine Interview http://www.alive.com/ 

On December 4, 2008, I did an interview with Sonja Zoeller (an intern at Alive Magazine), which will come out in the July 2009. Stay tuned.

Well, it came out yesterday and I scanned it to make a file for my website. Here it is: 

Alive Magazine Perfume Interview.pdf

To see some actual interview questions, please visit my blog at http://coeurdespritnaturalperfume.blogspot.com/ 


Sniffapalooza Interview August 29, 2008: 

Read the full Interview here: Documents/Sniffapalooza Interview 2008.doc This Natural Perfume

Review and Interview was written by Raphaella Barkley , Columnist for Beauty Fashion Magazine "San Francisco Beat" ; Former Editor In Chief of Sniffapalooza Magazine.com



Peer Reviews

Perfume Review by Laurie Stern of Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery
Lyn Ayre’s "Coeur d’Esprit Natural Perfumes"

Your perfumes were an absolute treat to smell and I think they are all lovely. Here are some notes that I took...

Evening Romance
My first impression is a beautiful rosy opening, rich, floral, and powdery. It’s intoxicating with a spicy, peppery, and possibly a touch of aniseed myrtle! I love its deep vanilla dry down and it lasts forever on me,

Pure lemoncello sunlight in a bottle! Melissa, lemon verbena, litsea, very rich lemongrassy heaven. We are on the Italian Riviera watching a brilliant sunset!

Chez Noir
Yum, mouth-watering licorice! This perfume is really fun, full-bodied, and rich! Invigorating!!

This one is my favorite, even though I love them all! I sense a really sensual rose, jasmine opening with a deep, long lasting amber dry down. There’s something really compelling about this perfume that makes you just surrender into it!

I love its fruity, sweet opening, and maybe osmanthus, jasmine scents on top of a soft, dry wood base.

May Roses Bloom
This is for the true rose addict, of which I am! How do you do it!! I feel like a bee in the middle of a big, pink cabbage rose! Again, very long lasting, sweet dry down.

What a fabulous delight to the senses it is to review Lyn Ayre’s perfumes! There are a great variety of delicious scents, each quite distinct from the next. Many different elements unfold as the perfumes evolve on the skin. They’re also extremely long lasting for natural perfumes!

Lyn is the real deal and a perfumer’s perfumer. By that I mean, I can tell that she has years of experience in her blending and accords. The perfumes are sophisticated, surprising, and deeply sensual. She even adds her own cosmic blessing to her perfumes, which energize and activate the spirits of all the magical essences she uses, which are truly gifts of the Earth!

Lyn, I really adore your perfumes and I have loved our correspondence. I'm really happy at our flowering friendship. I look forward to meeting you sometime and wish you and your husband the best. Laurie …


Professional Reviews:


9. August 2011 Monica Miller of the Perfume Pharmer reveiwed 7 of my perfumes:


and here is the pdf. Monica Miller Perfume Pharmer - Review.pdf


8. November 2010 Randa Derkson of the Canadian Site "Bewitchin' Kitchen" has done a perfume review on six of my perfumes. Here is the link http://www.thebewitchinkitchen.com/2010/11/coeur-desprit-natural-perfumes.html
and here is the pdf. Bewitchin Kitchen Perfume Review.pdf


7. November 2010 Joanna Smith of New York "The Best of Everything For You" has done a perfume review on eight of my perfumes. Here is the link http://thebestofeverythingforyou.blogspot.com/2010/10/review-coeur-desprit-natural-perfumes.html
and here is the pdf. Joanna Smith - The Best of Everything For You.pdf


6. September 2010 A review by Canadian Free Stuff: Perfume Review - Canadian Free Stuff.pdf by Cheetah on Angel Whispers, Eau d'Esprit, and Midnight Blue here is the link http://canadianfreestuff.com/coeur-desprit-natural-perfume-review-giveaway-canada-only-0920/  


5. August 29, 2008 As a result of the Interview above, Raphaella Barkley of Sniffapalooza Magazine reviewed two of my perfumes:  Afterglow is described as “a sexy, raunchy riot with the indolic behavior of Jasmine, Hyraceum, and Orange Blossom. After some time, it settles down to a warm bouquet of Frangipani, Orris, and Rose. Top notes include Pink Pepper, Turmeric, and bright Bergamot.”  It is not the top notes that call to me or the jasmine but the middle notes are luscious and indeed warm. They are the notes that stay with me and I feel as if I am in an “afterglow” of the Frangipani, Orris, and Rose. This is a beautiful fragrance and I am bathed completely in its afterglow. Raphaella Brescia Barkley,  


Passionate is described as “a seductive blend of seeds, nuts, and fruits with heady floral Jasmine, on a thick bed of oak moss (steam distilled), sandalwood, and cedar wood”. This is another favorite and as I take it in, I have images of autumn approaching and leaves falling, fall scents mixed with a heady luscious floral. The jasmine shines through and the gorgeous sandalwood and cedar wood anchors it all effortlessly.  This is my favorite by far and I commend Lyn for creating such luscious images in my mind. Raphaella Brescia Barkley, Editor in Chief of Sniffapalooza Magazine  


4. September 14, 2007 Breath of Gaia

Today, I received Lyn’s “Breath of Gaia” perfume (based on the story of the Oracle at Delphi) and might I say that the obvious sincerity and hard work she put into it are truly touching. Lyn's scents are very subtle and layered, so are somewhat of a challenge for me to review. Her research is strongly translated and I enjoyed reading the enclosed story. “Breath Of Gaia” - how apropos. Feminine, Spirit, Vapors.  (Yes, ethylene was the gas that came from the rock crevasse; and it was sweet-smelling.) How interesting. Lots of florals for the femme, native Greek chamomile and cypress.
I got the sea smell, and for some reason, a sandal note, although I don't know if that's in there. Starts with a citrus top, mellows to a soft, woodsy gig, that's oak-mossy at the end. I have to smell this one a couple of more times to elaborate, it's so subtle & complex. All in all, a very soothing scent.
Lyn, your company – Coeur d’Esprit (means Heart of Spirit) – is aptly named.

Tonie Silver,
Le Parfumeur Rebelle

3. July 22, 2007 Whole Notes

I just received my first professional review by Christine Pierce, The Perfume Bee.  I'm in very pleased that Christine enjoyed my perfume enough to write about it.

"Last Saturday night I attended a festive evening soiree and wanted to wear a suitably dressy fragrance. I chose “Whole Notes,” a floral oriental perfume from Canadian perfumer Lyn Ayre of Coeur d’Esprit Natural Perfume.


Whole Notes has notes of: Bergamot, Linden Blossom, Pink Lotus, Mimosa, Black Currant Bud, Oud, Clary Sage absolute, and Labdanum. This beautiful fragrance turned out to be the perfect choice.


Whole Notes is subtly elegant and does not overpower even on the sultriest of summer evenings. It opens with a light kiss of Linden Blossom and then deepens into the sweet, heady Mimosa and Pink Lotus notes. The woody, resinous labdanum pulls it together nicely, and contributes to a fairly long-lasting dry down." Christine Pierce, The Perfume Bee

2. August 2007 Press Release - Wickedly Chic online magazine published the following Indie-shopping (independent business) about CdE... 

1. August 2007 Indie Shopping for the Wickedly Fashionable.pdf



Kind Words: 


Stargazer Oriental Lily.JPG (56920 bytes)


"I recently received May Roses Bloom and Paris Nightlife.
May Roses Bloom is a luscious rose perfume with subtle balsamic notes that give it a unique identity. It is the best rose perfume I have ever had.
Paris Nightlife is sublime and sensational. It is complex with notes of blossoms, fruits and ambergris plus more with fine and impressive sillage. It is  true luxury." HF Buffalo, NY


"I love 'Charmed' perfume. It smells very elegant and it lasts for a ridiculously long time! I love it, it's great. Thanks a lot, Lyn!" Eva Marie


"I've loved Angel Whispers perfume for over a year now. It is utterly divine. I keep smelling my wrists... very yummy, Lyn." MM, Surrey


"Lynnie gave me a sample of her new Charmed perfume and now that is my favourite. It's a very elegant and sophisticated scent. I adore it." CE Ioco, BC


"I can't believe how wonderful Citrance perfume is!  It's like citrus flowers. Wow! Thank you for this new review page so I can share how I feel, Lyn." RB, New Westminster


"Entranced perfume has really hooked me. I can't get enough of it. I don't have to apply it often as it lasts for hours. This is great. I can still smell it the next morning and I like that! Keep up the good work." EM, Vancouver


"Lyn gave me a beautiful gift of perfume and when I smelled it I said to her "oh how lovely" and then when I turned it over I was pleasantly surprised to see that the name of the perfume was Loverly. It's gentle scent is so easy to wear and I am so grateful for this beautiful gift. Thank you, Lyn." BW, North Vancouver


"I've been using Om perfume for three years and I keep coming back for more. It takes me to a place of peace and beauty. I just love it! Thanks, Lyn" GT, Surrey


"I've found Tempest perfume to be very exciting to wear. When I smell it, it's like I'm taken away to some exotic spot where I can momentarily be free just to enjoy." LI, Vancouver 


“My sister Lyn allowed me to test her perfumes and I choose Wise One in a solid. I’m in chronic and continuous pain and I find that just by smelling this perfume, I feel soothed and calm. After the gift of the first one, I found my Avon turtle and I asked Lyn to fill it with the same thing, which I bought. Now I have the original compact for my purse and the little Turtle for my bathroom. I saw her new perfume website and that it has a comment section so I asked her to include my comment.” Love from Valerie, Port Coquitlam, BC



I've asked for volunteers from three different groups to sample their choice of two perfumes each and share their comments so you would have an idea of what they smell like without my bias (I love them all). I've since sent out over 40 samples of my perfumes. I'll be posting some of the comments below as they come  in. Not everyone was forthcoming with comments but a few kind souls were willing to help me out.

This process is so interesting because we are all so very different with various diets, skin types, likes and dislikes of smells (which are directly connected to memory... ie: if someone pushed you into a Lavender and you were stung by a dozen bees then it is unlikely that the scent of Lavender will give you a warm calming feeling.)

Conversely, if some of your best memories are of sitting around on the porch with your family, the smell of cinnamon wafting from the kitchen, and the scent of roses coming over the railing, then you'll resonate more readily with those choices. 

We may also be on medications that cause some essential oils to go rank on our skin, or, due to the drugs we need to be on, some essential oils may react badly on us giving us a rash when the average person won't react at all. As well, again due to medication, our nose or taste buds might not be properly functioning, so we are unable to appreciate the olfactory experience of sniffing perfume. We may love the smell of rose or patchouli and so want to choose a perfume with those components but, for the moment, we cannot stand it. This is why I suggest beginning with samples.  

Ever the Educator, I offer the above insights for your edification.

Here are the top eight comments from Samplers...

1. "Loverly is  a beautiful mature scent that I know I will wear for an important evening. It has a sensual and floral essence that I think a woman with feminine class will wear.

A La Rouge Mmmmmmmm...this perfume is a milder smell than Loverly. It's got a bit of a spice or woody smell that is unique and calming. The imagery that I think of is when I'm adding basil to my pasta sauce. Something appealing has definitely been added to the flavour of this perfume. I can see myself wearing this scent regularly. My first impression is that I haven't smelled a perfume like this before. I had to smell it a few times to grasp my full experience. I guess you could say it had me coming back for more. I put this perfume on right after I reflected on its smell.  ;o) DL, Vancouver, BC"


2. "... I do love the scent of Charmed perfume, it is a very nice blend, it relaxes and calms me. It lasts a few hours on me. I have yet to learn to be able to single out the scents. I couldn't smell any one scent when I wafted the bottle, it was all such a nice beautiful blend. I keep smelling myself (lol) every time I have it on. It's really soothing for me. Thank you for including me in this sampling I really appreciate it. I wish you all the best with this. CM, Edmonton, AB"


3. "Entranced! I love that name by the way. My first impression, sniffing out of the bottle, is warm, sweet, like nothing I have smelled before ... a vanilla amberish scent and there is a light powdery smell, too. Very fresh but deep intense aroma; not overpowering at all. Staying power is as good as any natural perfume I have tried if not a bit better. This seems to be a very professional blend I would not hesitate to sell. There is a woody note in here but I can't seem to put my finger on it, which is a good thing. I feel that a good blend should blend so well that all the oils take each other on in a way that it is hard to separate them out - you seem to have accomplished this! JH, Topeka, KS"


4. “Just a quick note to say your perfumes arrived safely. On first sniff, I am immediately drawn to Jazzy, the immediate whiff is fresh but immediately warms to the coriander and galbanum. The heart is a little faint but I enjoyed the spicy sharpness when moving down to myrtle. It became faint on me very quickly and I am having difficulty finding the base notes.  Heavenly-again coriander (must be in the coriander mood lol) and mimosa nicely blended gives a smooth creamy top note. I like the smoothness of this one. This has somehow a more consistent ratio of top middle and base where Jazzy, after first delicious whiff, fades on me; but that just could be my makeup. I am particularly fond of Osmanthus as I find it helps pull together a perfume. I have both and where Jazzy has already disappeared Heavenly is still there and with a consistent perfume that is just now beginning to fade. Hope this helps and thank you again for so generously sending samples. With every good wish,” JH, Wales, UK


5. Entranced Impression on first waft: Green. On Wrist: Spicy, sweet and fruity with an incense back.  Reminded of some high-end commercial perfumes -- can't remember which because it's been so long.  White Diamonds?  That was a wild stab -- used to buy that for a favorite aunt.  But really, I've sort of erased my commercial perfume memory.  30 minutes later:  Spicy and powdery, ambrette-ish.  3 hours: Just the slightest hint of powder, kind of like Love's Baby Soft.  Overall impression: A bit sweet for me, but a well-rounded scent that evolves in several dimensions as it wears.       Scentsation:  Impression on first waft:  Very green and spicy.  Husband said limey, and evergreen, honey-ish.  Self:  Cardamom and incense.  30 minutes: Husband still says lime, and added powder -- he says it's a good, lively, young person's perfume.  I'm smelling a perfectly incensey smell.  But now I'm also getting a bit of a nice powdery-scent.  Overall, like the really mysterious and fun import shops I used to go to in the 70s.  Not the commercial ones, but the truly wonderful ones with Middle Eastern and Indian owners.  I couldn't understand why my husband's impression was so different from mine, then I smelled his wrist -- it was very fruity on him, and then it made perfect sense to me.  So intriguing that it is sweet on him and very spicy on me.  3.5 hours later, the incense was still there on my wrist.  8 hours later, it was still ever so faintly there. Well, I hope this was helpful to you.  This was so much fun!  It's so interesting -- I've never smelled another's perfume so thoroughly before. AO, Vashon, WA

6. Passionate: I tried this one first. When I first opened the bottle, I did notice a very slight alcohol smell, but that lasted just seconds, and then the jasmine really came out. This one lasted the longest on my skin (and my mother's as well), nearly two hours before fading away. I have a tendency to lose scent very quickly, so two hours is very long for me. Usually, scents do not make it an hour on me.  Passionate was very smooth and velvety, light, but firm and steady. I really love this. And my mother said it compared with the best of the 'commercial' perfumes, even though I told her these are much better! Coming from her, that was a true compliment. She normally is wary of anything that is not commercially produced. Angel Whispers: The Amber really stands out for me. Very soft, feminine and gentle. This one reminds me of a spring wedding (why? I don't know!). It did not last on me very long, only about 45 min. After that, I could just discern a hint of vanilla. Entranced: I don't know how to describe this. Beautiful, clear, a touch of floral, spice, very heady. I love this! This also lasted over an hour on my skin. Slowly faded to a nice soft touch of sandalwood. This one made my husband feel a bit "frisky", he went crazy for this. It made me feel a bit sexy as well. 

Thank you for the samples; they are wonderful! I shared them with my mother and girlfriends, and they all agree that these smell deeper and truer than commercial perfumes. Other than one time upon opening the very first sample, alcohol isn't noticeable. So many synthetic perfumes reek of alcohol. Thank you again. I admire your artistry and dedication to the craft!
MB, Cornelius, OR

7. I absolutely love your perfumes. They are awesome. They are not overpowering like some and I tend to have a lot of allergies to smells. These are so gentle; they don’t bother me at all. I love wearing the Passionate one. I really enjoy that one. You have found your calling for sure and I hope you do really well with it, too.

I am enjoying using your wonderful perfumes Lyn! I opened the bottle of ‘Passionate’ and was immediately drawn to its gentle fragrance. It reminds me of being in a lush garden of beautiful flowers all around. I close my eyes and just bask in the scent of the delicious fragrance around me. I wore it that night and usually my husband is repelled by any perfumes but he said he loved this one and wanted to know what it is. He never asked that before!

I find this one comforting and relaxing and I have even put it in my oil burner to scent the room and make me feel like I am living with a flower garden nearby! It has such a delicate scent; it doesn’t over power a room with its scent like other perfumes do sometimes. On applying it to my wrist the scent lasted for me for about three hours. I can see myself wearing this frequently as it just might be the best combination of fragrance I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

I had my sister and mom tried it, as well. They loved it and also thought it reminded them of a pretty garden. I should have known I would like the perfume, as I am familiar with Lyn’s work and all I ever see from her is perfection. Lyn you out-did yourself this time, if that is possible!

I also tried the Citrance perfume. As I first sampled Citrance, I was engulfed by the scent of cedarwood, which always reminds me of a cabin in the woods, which brings back many happy memories. This one I used during meditation as the cedarwood, lavender, and chamomile relaxes and soothes me. I must say, it balances and calms me and allows me to have the most profound meditation experiences. The scent lasted for me for about 2 hours.

My sister makes essential oils. She loved this perfume and said it is very natural and better than the over-the-counter products you see in major department stores. I’m a big fan of both of these.

Linda Capobianco Flemington, NJ  You can use my full name if you want. 10July2007

8. About Coastal Rains-it's my favorite so far!  I love the green and fresh smell that carries through for a good long while.  Green and fresh is fun for me. It finishes quite sweet on me. AO, Vashon, WA

Your comments are always appreciated. Thank you.





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